Meet the GCCCF Survivors

The Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation has many survivors who are involved with our organization and they want to tell their story to help raise awareness for colon cancer


Interested in being one of our spotlight survivors? Contact us.


Would you like more information about screenings for colon cancer? Ask your doctor at your next visit. Don't have a doctor? Below are numbers you can call for help:


Erlanger - 423-778-7000

Memorial - 423-495-7827

Parkridge - 800-242-5662

Don't have insurance? 

Project Access - 423-826-0269 



This is Alan. He was diagnosed in 2006. This is his story:



Wish I had it at 50.

Colonscopy saves lives.

This is Charlene. She was diagnosed in 2011. This is her story:
African Americans are often diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Get screened today.

This is Mike. He was diagnosed in 2001. This is his story:
There's life after colon cancer.

Get screened now.

This is Shelly. She was diagnosed in 2009. This is her story:
Colonoscopy at 44.

Family grateful for early detection.

This is Kristi. She was diagnosed in 2010. This is her story:
Colon cancer can run in families.

Screening saves lives.

This is Jimmy. He was diagnosed in 2010. This is his story:
Life is fulfilling after colon cancer.

Ask your doctor about screening.

This is Donna. She was diagnosed in 2005. This is her story:
I survived stage 4 colon cancer
for my kids.

Colonoscopy saves lives.

This is Debra. She was diagnosed in 2012. This is her story:
Don't fear getting checked.

Colonoscopy saves lives.

Locations to be posted soon.

This is Debbie. She was diagnosed in 2009. This is her story:
My family is glad I got screened.

Yours will be, too.

This is Sharon. She was diagnosed in 2010. This is her story:
Wish I hadn't put it off.

Ask your doctor about colon cancer screening.

This is Taylor. She was diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 34. This is her story:
Don't ignore symptoms.

Young people can get colon cancer, too.

Interested in sharing YOUR story? Contact us.

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