GCCCF Informs at Minority Health Fair

The Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation participated in the 15th Annual Minority Health Fair on August 19th at Eastgate Town Center. This event drew a large crowd with an estimated 5,500 attendees/volunteers and 115 vendors present. GCCCF Chair, Dr. Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero and board member Helen Pinkerton were present, along with Cheryl Coxey, RN, to answer health-related questions. Our goal at the event was to educate the attendees on the importance of African Americans receiving a colonoscopy at age 45, which is five years earlier than white men and women. This is due to the fact that African American men are four times more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer, and African American women are two times more likely.

The GCCCF would like to thank the following volunteers for their help spreading our message that colonoscopies saves lives: Dank Hawkins, Kermit Hester and Darrell Wyke.

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