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The GCCCF joined forces with TN Cancer Coalition and Erlanger's Community Health Centers at Orchard Knob Missionary Baptist Church Saturday, April 9, 2016 @ 11am for an educa

tional program specifically for African Americans. Moderator, Donna Elle, conducted the ceremony where survivor, Helena, and her husband, Ronald "Rollover" Odum shared their story of how Helena was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer. This finally inspired Rolloever to get his colonoscopy where he had 2 polyps removed, thus preventing cancer in his colon. Calvin Bowman, a GI tech at Memorial Hixson, shared information on how colonoscopy is performed and how removing polyps prevents colon cancer. Drs. Marshall Horton and Shauna Lorenzo answered questions. And music was provided by Bertha Lawrence and Jerod Morton which was uplifting and inspiring. A few facts about African Americans and Colon Cancer:

- African Americans have the highest colon cancer rates of all ethnic groups in the US.

-Colon cancer tends to occur at a younger age in the African American population.

-African Americans are more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer in advanced stages with fewer treatment options.

-African Americans are less likely than Caucasians to have screening tests for colon cancer.

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