Book Written by Rectal Cancer Survivor Hits Stores

Survivor Ruth Stauffer of Athens, TN brought this book to the GCCCF's attention: "It's Not Harder Than Cancer: The Mindsets You Need to Survive and Thrive After Serious Illness" by Michael Holtz ($14.99 Amazon). ***REMEMBER TO USE" AMAZON SMILES" AND DESIGNATE GCCCF SO WE RECEIVE A 5% AMAZON DONATION.

Michael Holtz was diagnosed with rectal cancer on March 27, 2012, five days after his 43rd birthday and 23 days after running the Rock 'n Roll New Orleans Marathon. Further testing would determine the cancer was stage-3b, a large tumor with lymph node involvement. His medical team threw the book at him: oral chemo therapy combined with radiation, surgery and then six months of infusion chemotherapy. It was a difficult 11 months, but Michael and his wife, whom he calls the lovely Sarah, survived. In his life after cancer, he is thriving. He learned a lot during his cancer experience, which is why he wrote this book. He also wrote it because books about colorectal cancer experiences, and books about cancer experiences from a man's point of view are difficult to find. Michael wanted to tell his story from the perspective of the mental attitudes it takes to survive and thrive after cancer.

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