Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation Board of Directors

Board of Directors, Executive Committee


Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, MD, Board Chair

Chairman of the Board

Years on the Board: 12 

I am a colorectal surgeon in Chattanooga, TN. Everything I do is to make patients healthy and happy by improving the health of their GI tract through surgery. I believe every human being should have access to health care. Healthy people are happy people. This is why I started the Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation(GCCCF) to raise funds for those who cannot afford screening colonoscopy and educate our community on the importance of colon cancer screening. Colonoscopies save lives!

Colorectal Surgeon

University Surgical Associates

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Thomas Brien, MD


Years on the Board: 12


As a GI Pathologist, I deal with colon biopsies every day.  It makes me sad every time I have to diagnose cancer because I know that screening saves lives.  I joined the GCCCF to help raise awareness in our area about the importance of colon cancer screening.  I also dress up as the superhero Captain Colon for the Rump Run and other events to hopefully make people more comfortable talking about a part of the body they too often choose to ignore.

Pathologist, Diagnostic Pathology Services

Marshall Horton, MD.jpeg

Marshall Horton, MD

Vice President

Years on the Board: 8

After retiring from the practice of gastroenterology, I wanted to give back to the community through volunteerism. During my 30 year career, I saw so many people with colon cancer that could have been avoided or found earlier with timely screening.  The GCCCF was an opportunity to spread the word “Colonoscopies Save Lives.”

Retired Gastroenterologist,

Galen GI

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Jones Krough, CPA, CFP


Years on the Board: 8

I became interested in and later joined the GCCCF after a close family member received a terminal diagnosis from colon cancer.  After her passing, multiple other family members have been impacted by colon cancer.  The desire to learn as much as possible about this disease and educate the general public about the importance of screenings has become important to me.  The GCCCF is helping to educate my adopted hometown of Chattanooga about the preventable and beatable disease of colon cancer.

Henderson, Hutcherson &

McCullough, PLLC

Board of Directors

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Christie Burbank Esq.

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 12

I am a cancer survivor.  I am a health care attorney in Tennessee and Georgia.  I am the wife of a super fun husband with ulcerative colitis.  I am the mother of 2 happy children.  I am friends with people who have lost loved ones to colon cancer.  It is an honor to do whatever I can to support, make aware, and protect my family, friends, and really everyone in Greater Chattanooga, who could be affected by this disease.

Rainey, Kizer, Reviere,

& Bell, PLC

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Deanna Hopkins,

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 1

I love being part of GCCC, we’re passionate about providing life-saving knowledge to our community and the importance of colonoscopy for early detection/prevention of colon cancer.

Erlanger Oncology/Hematology

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center

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Michael Howard, Ph.D

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 2

I’m Chief of Medical Physics and work with cancer patients on a daily basis.  The reality of cancer is that early detection makes a dramatic difference in treatment as well as outcome.  The need to educate our community about the importance of screening is essential in reducing cancer deaths.  I’m honored to be a part of the GCCCF and all of the great work it does in the Chattanooga community.

Chief of Medical Physics, Parkridge Hospital

Director, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center

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Helen Pinkerton.jpg

Helen J. Pinkerton

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 5

I am very committed to the GCCCF for giving me an opportunity to continue to serve the community by volunteering and sharing my passion of giving back to my community. I am very passionate about the organization’s mission to educate the public about how colonoscopies save lives; as well as its specific target of reaching vulnerable communities of color with this message who are at a high risk of dying from this devastating, yet preventable disease.

Retired Grants, Health Education & Site Manager

 Erlanger Community Health Centers


Craig Sarine, Director at Large

Practice Administrator, University Surgical Associates

Alison Sexter, Director at Large

Corporate Communications Specialist, Public Affairs, BCBST


Mindy Kolin, Executive Director

Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation


Craig Sarine

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 12

I am the CEO of a Chattanooga based surgical group which includes five colon and rectal surgeons as well as several general surgeons who perform many colon and rectal procedures as well.  While I do not have any family members who have been diagnosed with this disease, I had a friend who passed away from an undiagnosed rectal cancer because he put off routine screening until it was too late.  I serve on the GCCCF board to help our community avoid the emotional pain and, quite frankly, the frustration and disappointment of such needless loss.

Practice Administrator,

University Surgical Associates

Sexter, Alison (2).jpg

Alison Sexter

Director at Large

Years on the Board: 3

I’m passionate about the efforts of GCCCF in part because of all the people I know who have been impacted by the disease - especially my beloved grandmother who our family lost to colon cancer 12 years ago.

Corporate Communications Specialist, Public Affairs, BCBST


Madison  Thomason, MS, CGC

Director at Large

Years on the Board: Joined November 2021

As a cancer genetic counselor, I work with many families who have an inherited predisposition to colon cancer because of a genetic abnormality that runs in the family. My goal is to help people understand their risk for colon cancer and what they can do to lower their chances (or even prevent it altogether) through earlier and more frequent colonoscopies. We know colonoscopies save lives, and I am excited to join the GCCCF in its mission to make sure that everyone in our beloved community gets the care they need so that they can keep enjoying life. 


Cancer Genetic Counselor and Coordinator of High Risk Genetics, CHI Memorial

Rees Skillern Cancer Institute  


Mindy Kolin

Executive Director

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